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ceartaIs your partner, husband, wife, seeing someone else? You may be away from home or you may have separated or divorced. Confirmation could be of interest or it could be crucial to court proceedings or negotiations with your partner.

The best way to find out is surveillance. This is an expensive option, but is the only means to find out what is really going on, where they are going, what they are doing, who they meet, backed up with video evidence where possible.
If there is an affair, the photographic evidence produced is as incontrovertible when presented directly to your partner, or in court.aparat ascultare

When making enquiries I need to know where surveillance is to take place.

Your daughter or son has found someone and intends to marry them. You will want to know their prospective partner's personal history, background, job, income and many other matters to see if the investigated facts correlate with what they say.

- Person surveillance and establishing the behaviors of this;

- Investigations of the facts, vulnerabilities and the predisposition of the teenagers;

- People finding and family tree;

- Fore and post marriage information;

- Address, occupation and life style of a person (domicile identification, civil data, work place, s.o.);

- Obtaining necessary information about mortgage, cadastral, will or other public administration information;


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