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Entering business relationships can be an exciting time, whether it is completing a transaction, signing a new client, opening a new account, finding a new business partner, renting a premises, or finding a new provider. All of these situations requires different degrees of due diligence in order to protect your interests.
Proper risk management in any modern business demands diligence at all levels of an organization. Our cost effective and customizable solutions mean that even if you are screening large numbers of clients, tenants, vendors or partners, proper due diligence never needs to be overlooked.

Do you know and understand who your counterparties are? Do you have courage to sign a contract based on what they said? Are you sure their companies and employees are who they say they are?

EaGle Office Private Detective provides due diligence services for key parts of your business. We can help you manage the risk and improve performance before sign a contract.

EaGle Office provides you:

- Identification and review of public financial records;

- Data from the Company's Corporate Records;

- Data about Directors, Major Shareholders and Management team;

- Check local and national reputations and do site visits;

- Analysis of Directors, Shareholders, Registration Details, Licenses to operate;

- Media analysis regarding reputation and commercial behavior of the companies;

- Additional reputational analysis on commercial issues;



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